The Erith Think Tank Manifesto:

  1. The Erith Think Tank is a place where members of the community can meet, get to know one another, and discuss issues pertaining to Erith.

  2. We will meet regularly, and endeavour to understand each other.

  3. We are passionate about, and wish to celebrate Erith, our community and our members.

  4. We want to support positive change, and help Erith to realise its potential.

  5. We will use the groups expertise and work together to achieve our aims.

  6. We will create a 'register of assets' that celebrates Erith, it's community and it's businesses.

  7. We aim to give Erith a co-ordinated and strong voice that engages with and represents all aspects of the community.

  8. We aim to inform, in plain language, about plans for Erith's present and future.

  9. We will engage with and nurture a dialogue with decision-makers and the Council.

  10. We will gain an understanding of how the Council works, how decisions are made, and by who, and translate/explain this to the group and wider community, with a view to influence these decisions.

  11. We aim to understand, participate in and influence any regeneration.

  12. We will propose ideas that improve Erith.

  13. We will identify problems, and propose solutions.

  14. We will create group Ambassadors, responsible for different topics (ie youth engagement, environment, planning).

  15. We will create a support structure for 'projects'.

  16. We acknowledge that trust and respect need to be built between us, the community and the Council, to create better dialogue.

  17. The Think Tank is not party political; we intend to include and engage all members of the community.

  18. We will develop a plan to attract and involve the community (including youth) through effective networking on a variety of platforms.

  19. We will prove that the group is an asset to the community and the Council.

  20. We aim to challenge and provide alternatives to the current consultation process.

  21. We will scrutinise decisions, and agitate when our demands are not met.